How Quality PCBs Are Assembled At

With the increasing demands in the electronic industry, we need more reliable tech companies to ensure quality and affordability in every tech product offered in the market today. Speaking of reliable company, is one of the few trusted brands that you can depend on when it comes to printed circuit boards for your manufacturing needs. Whether you are simply a hobbyist or a huge tech business in the country, you need to make sure that you are partnering with the right PCB provider for better quality products.


Truth is making PCBs is a daunting job since it requires certain skills, knowledge and tools to produce the ideal output needed by various applications these days. Today, however, we will be discussing the case of PCB manufacturing for hobbyists and schools. This is just to help you understand the basics of the assembly process while also giving you ideas on how to create these boards. In addition to that, we would like to share with you the specialized skills of our team so that you can also make your manufacturing business a success.

Essential Things to Keep in Mind

Perhaps, we will cover the process of assembling single-sided circuit board particularly the techniques and tools required throughout the course. However, we can actually use similar methods used in double-sided boards since there’s not much difference between the two, but of course, during the plating stage, we need to be extra careful because it can be tricky to apply certain tactics. This is why we want to give you these practical insights to properly guide especially knowing that you are a hobbyist who wants to do things on his own. You can check out our site,, to get the information you need before starting your new project.

You will encounter pricking one side, drilling holes and applying etch resist to secure the connections. The basic concept is to begin with substrate board and use appropriate materials to ensure quality after the whole process. Copper layers are also essential in single- and double-sided PCBs. For excess copper, you can get rid of them to leave the board clean and well organized. Tracks or traces are surely visible within the circuit boards because these are important in repairing the PCB once a problem is spotted; hence, you need to find the right materials to use and the proper ways to assemble the board.

Starting the Work with the Appropriate Tools and Methods

A common material used in most PCB manufacturing works is the fiberglass board. This is also one of the common materials we take advantage of when it comes to achieving product quality and durability. Also, you can benefit from the clean results produced by laser printer method if you really want to create PCBs accurately.

The following are some of the basic steps you can follow if you are learning how to assemble your printed circuit board at home:

1. Draw schematic.

PCB Manufacturing2. Sketch PCB artwork and make sure that the tracks are clean, so you can connect the circuit wires effectively. You can use CAD, a computer program, or pencil in creating the measures. As every connection and component of your schematic is included in the board layout, highlight the traces using a pen.

3. Attach the schematic to the circuit board.

4. Through your schematic, prick the PCB when there is hole needed, but be extra careful in pricking so that you will not create excess holes that are not required in the board. Use a flat, solid surface when working on your PCB to make the process easier.

5. Clean the board using a scouring cleaner usually found in households then dry the PCB carefully to avoid oil or grease.

6. Mark the board when you need to apply copper through special-felt tip pens specifically designed for this process.

7. Dry the PCB thoroughly.

8. Immerse the board in warm “ferric chloride” solution while taking note that this is a bit dangerous.

9. Clear off the etch resist inks with trichloroethane.

10. Drill holes.

11. Polish the board using fine-wire wool.

After doing these steps, check your PCB carefully to see if there are possible problems. This is important before adding the components. Gauge the resistance to prevent short circuit and secure the volts. However, if you think that this is not easy for you to do, you can just buy commercial PCBs to help you get your project done. Visit pcbnet for additional details regarding how you can make your own circuit board.

A Newbie’s Guide to Iron-on Patches

Fun, simple, and absolutely easy on the budget – the use of iron on patches is an absolute must for patch enthusiasts or for anyone who simply wants to perk up their wardrobe.

However, it takes real skills to use them perfectly. To iron on patches requires careful handiwork, timing, and the appropriate garment to make it all possible. First timers may get really frustrated when initial attempts fail. This happens when the patches do not attach well to the clothes or when wrinkles and inconsistencies occur. Get to know more about the in’s and the out’s plus the how-to’s by reading on.

To start off, it is essential to know that using these patches requires a little practice

This can be quickly done by purchasing a D.I.Y kit that includes sample patches, printable patterns, and easy-to-follow manuals. The manuals can serve as the guide on how to iron on patches smoothly.

To learn how to iron on transferable patches, it is necessary to have other tools ready such as an iron and an ironing board, a sheet of clean paper or a towel, and lastly, the article or piece of cloth where the patches are to be ironed on.

Iron On Patches

The patches to be ironed on may come from range of designs to choose from – from letters to numbers, butterflies to stars, skulls to tattoo-like, etc.

Once all the materials and tools are ready, then start setting the iron on high steam that is specifically for ‘cotton’. Such temperature is necessary to ensure that the enough heat is applied onto the patches. If printable transfers are used, then medium heat would suffice as they are a bit thinner. The printable ones, however, require more care as they tend to be very sensitive to heat. To iron on patches of this type, it is crucial to double check the heat setting. They will not stick on the cloth if the heat goes overboard or insufficient. It is advisable that a fragment of transferable patch be ironed on an old garment for a little practice.

One important reminder to take note of is to NEVER use this type of patches on any clothing that has plastic material in them. This is never a good idea as it could leave a burnt mark on the patch as well as on the garment. This will also leave unwanted residue on the iron plate. Moreover, never use any liquid – do not spray water on the patches or on the surface of the iron plate.

Timing is also an essential item to factor into when working on these patches

Iron On Patch Have the iron heat up while working on the arrangement of the patches on the garments. Once the arrangement is done, place a clean sheet of paper of tower large enough to cover the entire surface to be ironed on. To iron on patches, it is also essential that they lay flat on the board and that the cotton cloth is not wrinkled. Having wrinkled section on clothes could easily distort the design. The towel can also serve as a protection for the patches. Iron plates could possibly have dark marks of corroded portions that may ruin the overall appearance of the patches.

The patches are now ready for ironing. Press the iron on the towel for roughly 15 seconds making sure that entire surface of the patches is heated. The printable patches may only require 10-15 seconds as they require less heat than the regular iron-on ones. The cover may then be lifted from the corners to the center. If a portion of the patch peels off, then it is essential to do it all over again and re-do the ironing.

The first few attempts may be frustrating but as they say, practice makes perfect! So go on and give it a try.

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How To Choose Among Motivational Speakers And Find The Right One For Your Event

Motivational speakers are considered as generally the same as inspirational speakers, but there is a difference between them. An inspirational speaker would lift you up when you are feeling down or uninspired, while a motivational speaker is someone that actually pushes people to take action.

When looking for a speaker for your convention, find someone who has lots of knowledge and experience in your industry or at least the topic of the meeting and can make the audience see the world in a better light.
There are other things that you need to consider when looking for a motivational speaker, including:

1. Find a speaker who is related to your field

It is going to be awkward if you get someone who is a good communicator, but the audience could not relate to. So, the speaker should be someone who can get the audience to engage in the discussion. It does not matter whether the speaker is already successful in motivational speaking or just starting out. As long as they know what they are talking about because they are in the same industry as your company, that is the speaker that you need. Also, when it comes to motivational speakers, you need to know the right people and have the right contacts motivational-speaker-success/contact here for best speaker.

Motivational Speaker

2. Hire a speaker who prepares their own speech

A good speaker prepares their own presentations and materials for the event. If they need to do a flash or PowerPoint presentation, then the speaker must do it personally to make sure that they fully understand what they will talk about. You do not want a speaker who would fail to present an effective speech because they do not have any idea about the flow of the presentation. You should ask about this to the speakers you are considering for your event.

3. Know the purpose of getting a motivational speaker

The key benefits of these speakers are their skills in conveying industry-changing and inspirational views that would help your employees make a change. Motivation is what really drives businesses toward success that is why they need these speakers the most. An industry that lacks motivation will not succeed because it cannot keep up with the times and push its employees toward developing. It is necessary for businesses to have motivated people so that projects will push through and succeed. Having these motivational speakers is the secret for a business to achieve their highest objective of total productivity.

4. Evaluate the abilities and results of a speaker

Motivational SpeakersWhen you are looking for the best speaker to one of your company events, you need to find one that would motivate your employees to action. That would be hard to measure objectively, so you may need to have references. Many speakers have websites that mention about their results and post testimonials of audiences who were satisfied with their services. If available, you may watch a video of their work on YouTube. Observe how they are able to connect to their listeners. Speakers should not stand awkwardly in front of a crowd. If this is the case, even if these motivational speakers have the best presentation materials, the speech will not be effective in any way. If they are not able to connect to their audience, there is no way that the speaker can motivate them. Watching their work is a good way of hunting for great speakers because you can obtain feedback on how effective they are through word of mouth. You can also check out online reviews, forums, and blogs about these speakers.

5. Find a speaker who is confident

This is one of the most important qualities that a speaker must possess to be able to motivate their listeners. Speakers cannot motivate other people to action if they are not confident about what they are talking about in the first place. They should deliver their speech with conviction because it is the only way that the audience can get to trust them, boost their morale, and believe that the things they are saying can help them improve their work.

6. Bring in a speaker for your keynote

The keynote is the main underlying theme of a bigger idea. A good speaker can convey the main point and keynote within the whole presentation. They know how to briefly express the idea then develop it in a way that the main idea is even more emphasized so the audience will remember the keynote.
Choosing among motivational speakers is much like buying products and services for personal use. It involved knowing what the speaker is capable of and if their skills are consistent with the result you want to achieve when the speaking event is done.

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Where to find Cheap Golf Clubs

Golf is a famous sport of the rich and affluent. When the word golf is mentioned, the first few things that come into mind are the preppy executives who talk about investments and drive in golf cars around the club.

However, as time went by, golf became more and more accessible to people from all levels of economic class. Anyone can afford to buy all the items needed to play the sport.

One of the main equipment needed in playing golf is a golf club. A golf club is the equipment used to hit the ball to get it to the hole.

People have an impression that all golf clubs are expensive. However, we have done a bit of research and would like to share with you a few places and means on how you can find cheap golf clubs.


This is a convenient way of shopping for cheap golf clubs. The buyer does not have to drive around places to find one. All you have to do is find the right website where you can do your shopping.

Now this is where resourcefulness will play an important role. When shopping for any item online, people tend to be drawn to high discount rates.

The thing about this is that it could just be a marketing strategy of a certain shopping site. Say for instance, you get to a site offering a supposed 50% discount of the item. If you will just look at the rate of the discount then you could just be falling into a marketing trap.

Instead of looking at the supposed discount rate, look for the actual price and compare it with the offer of the other websites. It is also important to check the review of the website to have an idea of the things that people say about the site.

Cheap Golf Clubs

Sports Stores

You can also buy cheap golf clubs from local sports stores. There are instances when some sports shops would sell unbranded golf clubs.

When it comes to sports items, most of the times what makes the sports equipment expensive is its brand. The reason behind it is that the brand is paying athletes and other personalities to endorse their product. They also have to pay advertisements to promote their brand.

Unbranded items or unknown brands do not always imply low quality. They could be sold at a cheap price because they do not have a lot of cost to cover.

Warehouse or Factory Outlets

Another place to buy cheap golf clubs would be warehouses or factory outlets. When you buy golf items from a factory outlet, you would be able to buy them at a lower price. If you buy directly from the factory, you will be able to get the item at a cheaper price compared to buying it from a retail store.

There are fewer costs involved in buying the items from the warehouse and therefore they can afford to sell their items with a lower mark-up price. This is the reason why wholesale buyers are able to buy items at a much lower price. In most cases though, not all factory outlets open to sell items to retail or individual customers.

 Golf Clubs

Thrifty Stores

Thrifty stores are the place to go of the budget conscious buyers. This is the place where people can find pre-owned items. Pre-owned or used items are sold half the original price of the brand new item. The good thing about buying pre-owned items is that most of these items are proven and tested to have worked.

The one thing though that a buyer must always check in buying used items is if they are still in a condition that can still serve its purpose. Disregard the few scratches and dents that you might see. What is important is that you would still be able to use the golf club to play golf.

Although there are some pre-owned items that are still in good conditions because either it was just slightly used or it could be that the owner was really careful in using the club.

Cheap golf clubs are made available for everyone who wish to play but do not want to send much money buying the equipment. The price of the golf club does not dictate the quality of the game. We believe that golf is fun regardless of the price of the sport equipment being used in the game. Everyone must have access to golf and be able to play it despite a tight budget.

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Top Horrible Home Page Mistakes to Take Care of Before People Visit URL

Whatever website it is, the most commonly visited page is always the home page. Every person who visit URL will most likely go to the home page first. When they are redirected from another website or from the Google search page, there is a high chance that they will click on the home page’s link as well. So, not having a home page would surely be disadvantageous.

websiteSince that is the case, webmasters should make sure that the home page is enticing. After all, in most cases, this is what will set the first impression among potential customers. Webmasters do not want to give these potential customers a poor user experience, after all. It is imperative that, right from the home page, potential customers will have a smooth experience in browsing the website. The conversion rate for the website will be higher when the home page is user-friendly.

If you are a webmaster or you are in charge of the designing of the website, then you must make sure to optimize the website for the people who visit URL. Well, here are some mistakes to take note of and rectify as soon as possible:

Putting too many options right at the home page.

That will just create more confusion. If you give the guests 20 choices, they will have a hard time processing the information. Just give them two options to choose from. They will have an easier time deciding how to proceed. That can also promote lower bounce rate.

Using carousels and sliders.

carousels and slidersInexperienced website managers will want to add these elements because they want to be able to communicate more and more messages. Carousels and sliders have proven and tested to not work so there really is no point in adding them to the home page.

Missing the call-to-action button.

The call-to-action is basically the main thing that you want visitors to do when they visit URL. If the call-to-action button is missing, then visitors will just leave the website without any positive impact to your business. They also will not visit another page in your website simply because you did not put any call-to-action button on the home page.

Placing a news feed. Visitors will never care about the news feed on your home page.

It is just silly to put that right at the first page of your website. Otherwise, that news feed can take away the attention of your visitors from the main message you are trying to communicate.

Missing the mantra. Mantra is basically value proposition.

This should use the biggest font in your home page. This mantra should also be eight words or less to make it easier for your visitors to understand. Avoid using all capital letters for the mantra statement too.

Missing the target keyword on the mantra.

keywordTarget keyword is the keyword you will want your website to be searchable with. Visitors can easily make a connection to your website with what they are looking for if your mantra contains the target keyword. Never use a mantra without the target keyword you want to be known for.

Not optimizing the logo.

It is not only the content that you must optimize. The logo getting optimized can provide a competitive edge for your website against competitors. The logo’s file name must be optimized to the home page’s target keyword. It should have a title and alt tag element. Moreover, it should link back to your home page.

Not having a preferred domain.

With the vast expanse of the Internet, it is possible that the home page you have right now is duplicated without you knowing it. Even if you are unaware of this, you will end up getting penalized by search engines. To avoid this, it is imperative that you set up your preferred domain.

Not using large images.

It is actually proven and tested that large images can get visitors to convert. Large images, especially the high quality ones, can easily make people look at your call-to-action button. Of course, you have to use large images that are normal looking and not stock photos. It should also be strategically placed on the home page.

Not optimizing the home page for the local market.

People who visit URL are not just from abroad. Most likely, they are from the local market. It is actually more profitable for your business website to optimize the website for the local market instead of the global one.

You must make sure that the home page itself can bring a smooth experience to visitors. Your home page can make or break you. It is what determines whether you will become your target market’s ally or enemy. Do well and you are sure to earn lots of benefits such as large profits, high conversion rates, and low bounce rates.

Link Building Techniques To Test Out For Short Term SEO

Social MediaThere are two sides to the seo world, and some of it long term and some of it is short term. Finding a happy medium is an important thing to consider. When you’re looking at the bigger picture, you obviously want to work with long term solutions, but do not disqualify the notion of short term. Short term options will help your page index faster, and will give you traffic that will not only help you get higher rankings, but will give you a better chance of gaining page rank in higher levels. This is not a long term option, but rather something that you do while you’re still building towards the future of your page. The more you focus on the individual parts, the higher the chances of getting a return on investment.

Video Uploading

When you upload a video to any major sharing website today, you will find yourself gaining ground with relative ease. Video uploads can be something unique or something that is in the public domain. When you update your page and you are pushing the right uploads, you will have an opportunity to share the content but also link to your site. Go with a big name uploading page, such as YouTube. When you do that, you will be able to gain 2 or 3 link chances. As long as you focus on building proper content, the push for short term seo here is going to help you rank. You’ll find that your indexing will be faster and you will gain traffic in due time, that is if your video is not seen as spam.

Social Media

When you’re working with social media, make sure that you are taking into consideration several aspects. Do not assume that you are going to be able to take this on without certain elements at the helm. Do not spam, do not send out mass images, and don’t talk to people that aren’t interested in your business or website. It’s too easy to chase this, so instead, focus on link building slowly. Make sure that you fill out the right pages, forms and link to your main page once. Then work on updating posts with status updates that link to your site as well. The more you focus on the right key points here, the higher the likelihood that you will get market share to increase properly. Do not forget this aspect.

Earning Links

Earning LinksYou can earn links by engaging people to share your posts and updates from your site. Adding social media links will get people involved with the sharing process and that could build an incredible amount of good over time. Link building and seo takes time, and earning links will take you a long time to get right. Do not assume that you can chase this without a bit of help. Earning people’s trust will take on a whole new meaning if you simply chase it in the right format. You need to take your content and keep it good, make sure that it’s quality, and unique. If not, you will not earn anything at all.

The above elements are just a few things that you need to focus on in order to gain links over time. When you do these things correctly, you will see a major gain on influence across all your pages. Whether you want more traffic to your main page or you need more indexing across several pages, expect to gain market share by simply chasing the right link building techniques. There’s a lot of different ways to chase this, but the above will help you get started straightway. Take your time, and build these things slowly as you work with other aspects of seo and internet marketing.