Top Horrible Home Page Mistakes to Take Care of Before People Visit URL

Whatever website it is, the most commonly visited page is always the home page. Every person who visit URL will most likely go to the home page first. When they are redirected from another website or from the Google search page, there is a high chance that they will click on the home page’s link as well. So, not having a home page would surely be disadvantageous.

websiteSince that is the case, webmasters should make sure that the home page is enticing. After all, in most cases, this is what will set the first impression among potential customers. Webmasters do not want to give these potential customers a poor user experience, after all. It is imperative that, right from the home page, potential customers will have a smooth experience in browsing the website. The conversion rate for the website will be higher when the home page is user-friendly.

If you are a webmaster or you are in charge of the designing of the website, then you must make sure to optimize the website for the people who visit URL. Well, here are some mistakes to take note of and rectify as soon as possible:

Putting too many options right at the home page.

That will just create more confusion. If you give the guests 20 choices, they will have a hard time processing the information. Just give them two options to choose from. They will have an easier time deciding how to proceed. That can also promote lower bounce rate.

Using carousels and sliders.

carousels and slidersInexperienced website managers will want to add these elements because they want to be able to communicate more and more messages. Carousels and sliders have proven and tested to not work so there really is no point in adding them to the home page.

Missing the call-to-action button.

The call-to-action is basically the main thing that you want visitors to do when they visit URL. If the call-to-action button is missing, then visitors will just leave the website without any positive impact to your business. They also will not visit another page in your website simply because you did not put any call-to-action button on the home page.

Placing a news feed. Visitors will never care about the news feed on your home page.

It is just silly to put that right at the first page of your website. Otherwise, that news feed can take away the attention of your visitors from the main message you are trying to communicate.

Missing the mantra. Mantra is basically value proposition.

This should use the biggest font in your home page. This mantra should also be eight words or less to make it easier for your visitors to understand. Avoid using all capital letters for the mantra statement too.

Missing the target keyword on the mantra.

keywordTarget keyword is the keyword you will want your website to be searchable with. Visitors can easily make a connection to your website with what they are looking for if your mantra contains the target keyword. Never use a mantra without the target keyword you want to be known for.

Not optimizing the logo.

It is not only the content that you must optimize. The logo getting optimized can provide a competitive edge for your website against competitors. The logo’s file name must be optimized to the home page’s target keyword. It should have a title and alt tag element. Moreover, it should link back to your home page.

Not having a preferred domain.

With the vast expanse of the Internet, it is possible that the home page you have right now is duplicated without you knowing it. Even if you are unaware of this, you will end up getting penalized by search engines. To avoid this, it is imperative that you set up your preferred domain.

Not using large images.

It is actually proven and tested that large images can get visitors to convert. Large images, especially the high quality ones, can easily make people look at your call-to-action button. Of course, you have to use large images that are normal looking and not stock photos. It should also be strategically placed on the home page.

Not optimizing the home page for the local market.

People who visit URL are not just from abroad. Most likely, they are from the local market. It is actually more profitable for your business website to optimize the website for the local market instead of the global one.

You must make sure that the home page itself can bring a smooth experience to visitors. Your home page can make or break you. It is what determines whether you will become your target market’s ally or enemy. Do well and you are sure to earn lots of benefits such as large profits, high conversion rates, and low bounce rates.